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Our range consists of high speed steel drills and carbide, available in different lengths and in many diameters from 0.2 to 70mm.

We have about 300,000 tools in 2,500 different references in stock.

This wide range covers all standard and specific applications that may be encountered.





Our range of taps, equally wide, comes in many sizes and many standards. We stock a wide range of taps and thread mills from the smallest: M1, the biggest Gas 4 inches (135 mm ¢).

There are 120,000 taps and 2,300 references available.

In addition, we are able to offer non-catalog special taps in a very short time and a wide range of specific coverings for each delicate application.





Our range consists of speed steel and carbide reamers. Also available with coatings, our reamers meet very strict loads to offer tools of very high quality.

With 40,000 reamers in stock under 2,000 different references, we answer all your technical applications.





Hand reamers, machine, adjustables blades, etc. our reamers meet all your applications.
Their dimensional tolerances ensure a precision work!




Thread inserts

Repair or strengthen all your threads through our wide range of stainless steel thread inserts.




Core drilling (magnetic base drill)

Capacity of 12 mm to 111 mm with 5 drill references.

MPAC Technologies (Control of magnetic adhesion power) MFSC (magnetic field control system), ESB (energy saver Base) and protection against overvoltage




Drill sharpeners

2 machines available, with a capacity of 3 to 14 mm and 8 to 32 mm


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